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Debi Slinger

I'm here to help

As a child, I explored Australia with my older brothers and parents and that love of camping never really left me. Despite my path starting out in law, I soon realised I was missing out on the everyday things on life so did a complete flip and trained as an Outdoor Educator.

Since 1989 I've been actively working in the outdoors with a few years off to have my three amazing kids who are now adults themselves.

I did the math recently and worked out I've spent around 2,500 nights camping and travelling in Australia and overseas.

I've travelled a lot, whether that's been solo, with friends, school groups, group escort, on tours or my favourite 'just make it up as I go along'.

With over 30 years experience, I've have accumulated a lot of knowledge to share and so under the Resources tab, you'll find lots of free content just for you. My packing lists have been created so you can tweak and change to suit your needs. They aren't the 'ultimate' but reckon I'm getting close.

So off you go and check out the blog. If you have any questions, just ping me an email and I'll be happy to help out where I can.

My parents shared with me their love of travel and adventure. They taught me resilience, strength, to challenge myself but also care about others - particularly those less fortunate. They've always encouraged me to be the best I can be without fear or failure. So I've embraced whatever opportunities arise and share with others what a wonderful world we live in.