50 Things That Make You Addicted To Travelling – Part 2

Addicted to travel

There is nothing like travelling to broaden the mind and expand your view of the world. It’s THE best way of learning not only about others but about yourself. Be careful though, because travelling is like a drug and you become addicted to the next trip, the next adventure, the next experience – albeit a positive one.

Over five posts, I’ve set out why you are a travel addict like me. Here are No.’s 11 -20. You can read the rest here at:

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11. You know how to pack efficiently and quickly into your favourite travel bag (backpack, suitcase, carry on – whatever).

12. If you’re not travelling more than you’re spending time at home, then you spend that time thinking about where you could be. Where next, how long, how will I get there?

Egyptian Pounds

13. What’s next? Continually planning, scheming and thinking about the next trip.

14. You can convert currencies in a flash.

15. A part of your free time is spent trolling websites, travel agents, blogs, documentaries and more to see what’s out there so you can add it to your bucket list.

16. You have a special bank account for your travel adventures, putting as many $’s away as possible for the next trip.

17. Every time you make a purchase when you’re home you think about how far that would get you if you were on the road. A $5  coffee or $20 at the movies might mean a room and board at a hotel in Nepal.

18. David Attenborough is your favourite travel adventurer.


Sir David Attenborough

19. You count days to your departure date – on a calendar, on your phone as long as you know how long until the next adventure begins.

20. Reading books of travellers from many years ago enlighten you. (Down Under, Bill Bryson – 11 Years In Tibet, Heinrich Harrer – Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert)

Now it’s your turn.

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