50 Things That Make You Addicted To Travelling – Part 3

Addicted to travel

There is nothing like travelling to broaden the mind and expand your view of the world. It’s THE best way of learning not only about others but about yourself. Be careful though, because travelling is like a drug and you become addicted to the next trip, the next adventure, the next experience – albeit a positive one.

Over five posts, I’ve set out why you are a travel addict like me. Here are No.’s 21 -30. You can read the rest here at:

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21. Testing out the local breweries is on your hit list.

Sushi delights in Phuket market

Sushi delights in a Phuket market

22. You wake up in the night and wonder what bed you’re in and in which country.

23. Your computer screen saver is of one of your adventures or one of the places you want to travel to.

24. The thought of trying new food in a foreign marketplace amongst strangers gives you goosebumps.

25. You get your income tax return and immediately plan how you can spend it on your next adventure.

26. You take pride in the stamps and visas in your passport.

Finding creativity in the most unusual places

27. You have created your own cute travel hacks to make things lighter, faster, easier for each trip.

28. You’re either a folder, roller or stuffer when it comes to packing and you don’t want anyone to change you.

29. You can swear in several different languages.

30. Your Instagram feed is full of travel pics.

Now it’s your turn.

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