50 Things That Make You Addicted To Travelling – Part 5

Addicted to travel

There is nothing like travelling to broaden the mind and expand your view of the world. It’s THE best way of learning not only about others but about yourself. Be careful though, because travelling is like a drug and you become addicted to the next trip, the next adventure, the next experience – albeit a positive one.

Over five posts, I’ve set out why you are a travel addict like me. Here are No.’s 41 -50. You can read the rest here at:

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41. Your wardrobe is packed with functional travel clothes.

Yep, can sleep on a tray table on a train from Milan

42. You can sleep anywhere.

43. You are happy to experiment with different foods and delicacies.

44. You’re a low maintenance kind of person.

45. You’re resourceful.

46. You know capital cities, countries flags and currencies off the top of your head.

47. You know you’ve slept with bed bugs at some random hostel.

48. Any country you can drink the water from the tap is a bonus and delightful.

49. At least once while travelling you’ve shat yourself – ooops food poisoning!

Waterfront bungalow in Myanmar (Burma)

50. You’re good at sprinting for trains, planes, taxis, buses and trams.

Now it’s your turn.

What are your travel addictions?

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