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I'm an everyday person - like you

Do you ever find it hard to sit still?

Well, that is my life. I love my work but there are always other things ticking away in the background. I find it hard to sit still and do nothing. Even as I type this I'm watching Sense8 on Netflix and have some brownies in the oven. And not only do I have a couple of things on at once I have lots of projects and ideas that are in various stages of completion.

Here's a synopsis of me so far:

  • Work full-time
  • Teach transparent mosaics at Community Houses
  • Coach and mentor people on how to live a simple life with less 'stuff'
  • Write books for tweens
  • Write articles for newspapers and magazines on travel
  • Admin seven Facebook Pages (not all mine)
  • Admin five Instagram Pages (not all mine)
  • Make random street art projects that bring awareness to environmental issues
  • Travel - currently at 56+ countries and still counting
  • Top 8 TripAdvisor reviewer in Melbourne
  • No. 2 TripAdvisor 'helpful' votes in Melbourne
  • Top Google Local Guide reviewer
  • Yelp Elite Squad reviewer
  • Top 3 Zomato reviewer in Melbourne
  • Parent of three teenagers who are awesome
  • Plus I'm a daughter, sister, cousin, niece, sister-in-law, auntie, colleague, bestie and sounding board to many
  • And so much more.
Camel Petra Debi Slinger
Debi on side cropped

Where have I been?

Like most people I know, I love to travel. I also like to share my experiences with others.

I write for TripAdvisor (1,700+ reviews), Google Local Guides (over 2,000,000 viewers), Yelp (now part of their Elite Squad) and Zomato.

Here are some of the places I've ventured to so far:

Australia | Fiji | Thailand | Cambodia | Vietnam | Malaysia | Singapore | Bali | Sumbawa | Lombok | Flores | Brunei | Borneo | Myanmar (Burma) | Hong Kong | Morocco | Spain | Portugal | France | Italy | Germany | Austria | Switzerland | Monaco | Vatican City | Lichtenstein | Netherlands | Belgium | England | Ireland | Scotland | Wales | India | Nepal | Zimbabwe | Malawi | Zambia | Tanzania | Kenya | South Africa | Egypt | United Arab Emirates | Jordan | Slovenia | Iceland | USA | China | Qatar | Chile | Colombia | Argentina | Brazil | Paraguay | Mexico | Vanuatu

.....and some of them several times. 2017/18 - I nailed by last few Wonders of the World. And for those who'd like to know - Petra was my fave.

My Writing

I'm a published author of two books and have a couple on the back-burner but just don't seem to get the time to finish them.

I'm a regular travel writer for my local paper as well as industry magazines.

I also love to blog. I'm no grammar queen and my writing can be a bit clunky but it appears to resonates with people.

Here are a few posts that elaborate on me - warts and all:

56 Things I'm Proud of as a 56-Year-Old Woman

60 Before Sixty

Who I work with

Students, Parents, Teachers

Parents - Debi Slinger

Whether you're a student, parent or teacher and it's that time of year and you're facing an upcoming Outdoor Education program, I'm here to help. There are emails, lists, briefings and so much more. How do you navigate all of this so you, your child or yourself know that your needs are met?

As the previous Director of Outdoor Education at a school in Melbourne, running 100's of briefings I can help you understand the process and expectations of the school as well as what your responsibilities are.

If you have special needs your child requires extra attention or as a teacher, not sure how to best support those you're in charge of, then I may be able to help. I'm a qualified Integration Aide and appreciate concerns you may have and how a school can assist in accommodating all those who attend camp.

Allergies? Asthma? Dietary issues? Social issues? Managing menstruation? Can't swim on a rafting program? These are all areas I can offer some guidance on how to ask those courageous questions of everyone who is part of a program - other students, school staff, heads of house, learning advisors, counsellors, school nurse and outdoor education staff.

Also, how YOU can help you support yourself, your child, your students on camp and give them a positive attitude and give them the tools to get out of the camp the most they can.


The Acid Test - facility & program review

The Acid Test - Debi Slinger

Do you need your acid test put on your business? Are you sure that the 'everyday' people who come to visit you are getting what they pay for? What are your risks? Are you exposed?

With over 4000 nights in hotels, resorts, cabins, caravans, glamping, Air B & B, sleeping under the stars my customer experience background along with risk management will see your business grow.

Do you have a philosophy that your staff are wedded to and on board with? Is it a customer first philosophy? If not, then I can help.

Change for change sake is worthless. Be customer focused. Have a 'yes I can philosophy'. Empower your staff to be the conduit to a great experience.

My 120 point checklist along with photos, interviews, full assessment and comprehensive report your business will improve.

Testimonials available on request for local and international organisations.

Product reviews + Placement

Product Reviews - Debi Slinger

I don't fluff around. I'm here to give you honest and constructive feedback on your product. What works. What doesn't. Is there room for improvement? Does it just need a tweak? Have you totally nailed it?

I'm not here to boost your ego and tell you what you want to hear. Nor do I just do this to get a freebie.

Note that any products are either A. returned to you or B. donated to charity. Really, I do have lots of gear and if it impresses me, I'm more than happy to purchase your item at retail price.

My job is to tell you what others won't. Not make a profit off your products. I'm here to grow your business and offer constructive feedback based on over 30 years of experience travelling the world.

TESTIMONIAL: Just the most amazing woman.....

I've known Debs for a number of years and I've never met anyone who has so much energy. Whether it's writing books, leading groups, reviewing travel destinations or creating the funniest little random street art projects - she's an absolute cracker! 

Emma, Youth Services Manager

TESTIMONIAL: Your candid review on a trip I Lead was refreshing

Deb's insights into how I ran my trip was insightful and in-depth. Her feedback and report were extremely useful and she was able to draw from paying clients more candid information than I ever could as a leader. She's adept and giving feedback, always with a view to improving the trip outline, it's delivery or the leader. Since her Acid Test, I've taken my leadership skills to a new level and the results have been outstanding. I'll be forever grateful. Thanks, Miss Deb.

Ritchie, Contiki Europe

TESTIMONIAL: You gave us the space to grow - thank you

Deb you are an absolute wonderwoman! You work harder, longer and with more passion than anyone else. You never let go of the nurturing reins for those of us that needed it. Plus you can cook a banquet on a tiny stove. Please pass on the recipe for that risotto. We will never forget you.

Matilda, Tintern Girls Grammar

Brand Ambassador

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