How to store your synthetic sleeping bag

Care for sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is the most important part of your travelling/camping kit and you should invest in one that suits your trips and needs. Take the time to consider where you will be travelling with your bag, what conditions you’ll be in, how much it’ll be used and what your budget is. Discuss with a salesperson exactly what your intentions are so you can purchase the one that meets your needs. Do shop around as there are many different types and styles.

So you are armed with excellent information about sleeping bags, I highly recommend that you visit the One Planet website at this link here. There is plenty of information on bag shapes, fills, performance and how to choose that is a good place to start. I do openly declare that I only use One Planet gear for a number of reasons: Australian owned, Australian designed, Australian made and damn it their bags last a long time – my summer bag is over 17 years old!

I have also posted on how to store your down bag here.

I’ve also posted on how to clean your down sleeping bag here and your synthetic bag here.

Now that you have your synthetic sleeping bag, how do you store it?

Every sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack and most people tend to leave it in the stuff sack in a cupboard until they need it. However, particularly with down bags, it’s best to remove from the stuff sack and allow the bag to stay as you saw it hanging in the store. A compressed bag can compromise its warmth. Make sure wherever it is stored, it’s cool and dry.


One Planet synthetic bag

One Planet synthetic bag

There are a number of ways you can do that:

  • Some bags come with a storage bag (mesh) or use as a large linen bag such as those used in hospitals. Pop it into that and leave in say, the top shelf of a cupboard or under a bed.
  • Hang over a railing or what I’ve seen lately is over a funky ladder
  • Put inside a large tub and again store somewhere cool and dry.
  • Lay out on a spare bed.

If you’re returning from a trip after using your bag, do hang it up out or lay it down (opened up) to air and ventilate and maybe even dry if the bag got damp or wet. Remember, by storing your bag correctly can significantly impact the life of the bag.

Now it’s your turn.

Tell me your down bag stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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