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One Plant sleeping bag

I’ve been a long time fan of One Planet gear since is was Aiking back in the ’90s. Why? Because they are Australian designed, Australian made and the creator has always been a regular outdoors person so knows what people like me want and need.

I’ve said it 100’s of times to 100’s of students, parents and outdoor enthusiasts – your sleeping bag is THE most important item in your kit. I know a pack and footwear are essential but a good sleeping bag will keep you alive, it’ll make your time travelling easier and you’ll have it for at a minimum of 10 years. In my case, one has lasted 30 years and another it’s lasted 23 years as at the time of writing this.

A first generation of the bag – Maria Island, Tasmania

The fill is important and in this bag, you have one choice which is Thermolink. Without going into too much detail, this fill weighs less, packs down smaller but still offers excellent overall coverage.

You can also choose the temperature rating with 3 available.

-1 C

-5 C

-8 C

Although I’m something of a hot bodied person, I still went the  -8 C because it’s easier to just open up the bag if you’re too hot but if you’re cold – you’re cold!

The size of my bag is a regular. I’m 175cm tall (5’9″ in the old language) but for my 190cm tall son (that’s 6’3″ in the old language) he needed a large. This gives him 8cm more in length and but for him, he really needed the extra 15cm across the shoulders which is perfect for him. One of the nice things about One Planet is they have sleeping bag expanders. This is an extra accessory for anyone who is broad across the chest and shoulders but does run the entire length of the bag, tapering at the end. It easily zips into your existing bag giving you a whopping 25cm to wiggle around in. This, of course, comes at an extra charge but well worth the expense for the life of the bag.

The exterior of the bag is made ‘using lightweight and highly breathable 20-denier Vapour Vent fabric’. In other words – stops it getting stuffy inside.

You can choose which side you’d like the zip (some people like it on the left for example) or if you are a couple and want to join your bags you’d get one zip on the left and on the right.

Colour options – well it’s blue/black or black/blue – same thing.

Price – as at the time of the review they start at $179 which is extraordinary value.

Where to purchase – click here to see who stocks One Planet bags.

On the One Planet website, you’ll find heaps more information that’ll answer any of your questions. Click here to read more.

Now it’s your turn.

What is your favourite synthetic bag and why?

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