Camp Mt Arapiles

Camping at Mt Arapiles – Mt Arapiles-Tooan State Park

I've been camping at Mt. Arapiles since 1989 with school groups, corporate groups, on my own and with ...
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travel solo

10 Things That Happen When You Travel Solo

Travelling solo? The wheels touch down on the tarmac, the seatbelt sign turns off and people start disembarking ...
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Period while camping

How to manage your period camping / travelling

As a professional outdoor educator, mother of two girls and the author of the popular teen book, Poppy ...
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Travelling First Aid

Travelling First Aid Kit

Having completed around 12 First Aid courses, 2 Wilderness First Aid Courses, 1 Advanced Wilderness First Aid course, 4 ...
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Travelling Toiletries

5-star hotel or bush camping A weekend away or a couple of months travelling An Air B & ...
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Travelling Containers

Handy dandy containers when you’re travelling

What sort of handy-dandy containers do you use when travelling? There are an assortment of great little gadgets and ...
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Icelandic Adventure

Icelandic Adventures

As a foodie, I was looking forward to my dining experiences in Iceland. Sitting in the now trendy ...
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60 before sixty - making the most of life

60 before sixty – making the most of life

60 before sixty - making the most of life. Well, 2016 was one of my best but ended ...
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About Me Debi Slinger

56 Things I’m Proud of at 56

What are the 56 things I'm proud of as another birthday on March 16 this year - when ...
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