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Poppy Pretzel - passage into puberty
Poppy Pretzel -passage into puberty

Poppy Pretzel is a happy, confident 12-year-old who loves playing basketball and hanging out with her friends. Then one day at school her period starts. This slender volume is the story of a young girl's entry into the confusing and embarrassing world of puberty. Tweens on the cusp of adolescence will appreciate Poppy's humorous insight into this frustrating but inevitable part of growing up.

Levi Sprocket - What's in my pocket?
Levi Sprocket - what's in my pocket?

Levi Sprocket is a laidback, easy-going guy, who dreams of one day being an actor. However, Levi’s journey growing up comes with some pitfalls and embarrassing moments as he deals with the changes within his body and with his maturing attitude. When he discovers that his friendships with girls isn't the way it used to be, it takes him by surprise. Join Levi as he steps into his adulthood.

The Jigsaw - finding my way through the puzzle of divorce
The Jigsaw

Coming Soon.....

Frankie is trying to make sense of the world now that her parents are separated. Follow her on this emotional journey as she navigates her way through the puzzle of divorce.