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From Lima to Loch Sport

As I get older, time goes faster and that became clear on a warm summer day as I explored a stunning part of my home state of Victoria. I reminisced how 12 months ago I was in the bowels of the catacombs in Lima and now in the seaside rural community of Loch Sport. As…

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Product review – Cabeau’s Cool Evolution Pillow

Oh, the site of people with their bead-filled neck pillows swinging from their hand luggage, their tote bag, or a half inflated one poking out of a waistband. It’s a familiar sight at airports, bus and railway stations. You can buy them as little as $10 at some places and double that at the departure…

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Product review – Spork cutlery

These days carrying any kind of cutlery (especially a knife), even the most basic blade is almost impossible. So how do you carry something that you can use to eat with without it being confiscated? I started using a Spork quite a few years ago and so far have found them to be useful. I…

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Product review – Jackson International Travel Adaptor

Decisions! Decisions! Which adaptor to use when going to just one country or multiple? Why take a multi-country adaptor when going to say, just the UK, instead of a single use one? And there is one simple explanation. On long-haul flights, I will nearly always have a stopover at say Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong etc.…

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Intrepid Travel – Mexico Unplugged

Intrepid Travel Review - Mexico Unplugged

This review is Part III of my nine weeks in South America and like all my Group Travel reviews it’s about the nuts and bolts. There are plenty of blogs that have exquisite photos and details of each step of a trip. I like to focus more on the who, what, where, how and when.…

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Kids travelling vs staying in school: Part 3

Travelling with kids

Of course one of the joys of travel is watching your children connect with others. They make friends with the most unusual people, they instinctively connect with others their own age but I was always pleased to see them help out a new parent with a little one or chat with an older couple about…

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15 Tips for Savvy Travellers

Travel Tips

Travel tips! We all know how great travelling can be – visiting different cultures, experimenting with local food, snapping photos of those ‘wonders’ of the world.  However, sometimes we all need to be reminded of the fundamentals of travelling. Here is a list that will reaffirm why you travel and the challenges that come with…

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Favourite Travelling Movies

Travel movies

My Favorite Travel Movies Having had Foxtel for a year but now Netflix I’ve been able to expand my repertoire of movies by 100%. Yes, not all movies are available but there are some that I wouldn’t have normally viewed that have been great. I do tend to hunt down good travel movies, documentaries about…

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10 Things That Happen When You Travel Solo

travel solo

Travelling solo? The wheels touch down on the tarmac, the seatbelt sign turns off and people start disembarking the plane. Gulp! This is it. The time has come to venture into the customs, baggage collection and arrivals, then go somewhere you’ve never been before. And you don’t know anyone. Whether it’s a business trip to…

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Travelling First Aid Kit

Travelling First Aid

Having completed around 12 First Aid courses, 2 Wilderness First Aid Courses, 1 Advanced Wilderness First Aid course, 4 Anaphylaxis and 21 CPR courses, I know what’s useful and what’s not in a travelling first aid kit (for me). If I’m travelling with a group of people, the contents of my kit will be different to…

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