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Why you should take your kids camping

Kids camping

Yes, I know I work in the outdoors and it’s my profession but I see everyday the benefits of spending time outside of the confines of four walls, particularly looking at a screen (which yes, I have to do like most people too). More importantly, I recent went through a traumatic experience and the event…

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We are so busy giving our kids what we didn’t have…..

giving to kids

As adults, most of us have fond memories from childhood: intently watching ants on the march, building a cubby house, collecting tadpoles from the creek, making mud pies or daisy chains, grabbing the rope swing and swinging out over the river and letting go, exploring the neighbourhood and stopping for a Sunny Boy at the…

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12 Travelling Tips With Kids on Planes

kids on planes

12 Travelling Tips With Kids on Planes. Don’t you just love airports, security, queues, expensive food and drinks, get on the plane, finding your seat, waiting for others to put their over sized carry-on into the overhead lockers and then the whole flying experience. Reverse that, getting off – seat belts snapped off before the…

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