Best chaperone - EVER!

Debi Slinger Testimonial

Debi accompanied my son on a school interstate trip and she was absolutely brilliant. My son has some special needs and can sometimes get lost in the melee of big personalities. But she immediately picked up on his 'quirkiness' and kept him not only engaged and interested but he exceeded everyone's expectations in the work he submitted during his trip. 

I later heard from other parents similar platitudes for Debi's consistent hard work in making sure all students got the most out of their trip.

Cannot thank you enough Debi for being such a caring and professional adult in our son's life.

Tanya D.

Quick diagnosis was spot on

My son was on an outdoor education program and was diagnosed by Debi with a somewhat delicate medical issue. She took him to the hospital to have him checked out and her diagnosis was correct. 

She arranged a meeting for me to pick up my son so I could take him to the Children's Hospital at 1.30am in the morning!!

The paediatrician said my son had about another six hours before things deteriorated drastically.

My wife and I are most grateful for Debi and the team in ensuring our son's health but also emotional well-being amongst his peers was managed during such a jeopardise situation.

Michael R.

Eyewear Anywhere

South Melbourne Optical Testimonial

I'm priviledged to have Deb as a Brand Ambassador. Wherever she's travelling, we always check that she is well covered with good sunglasses and everyday multi-focals as well as plenty of solid cases to protect her glasses, along with cleaning solution, which is essential to keeping everything a clear as possible.

It's a thrill to see our frames at the 7 Wonders of the World and beyond. Plus her feedback about any products is welcomed so we can improve our service.

Thanks Debs.

Sara Fenton, South Melbourne Optical

Professional + Knowledge = Success

Debi Slinger Testimonial

It was a pleasure working with Deb on our product review. Her process is thorough and complete leaving no stone unturned. She discreetly spoke with everyone within our business with respect and dignity and drew out information that we'd never had known no matter what lengths we went to. Our business has grown by 12.3% in six months by taking on board her feedback. We are now considering an annual review as the bottom line savings have been worth every cent.

Highly recommend.

Erica J, Hilton Hotels.



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